Tongue-tie- identification, referral and support.
The day was facilitated by myself and Mary-Jane Anderton (Osteopath)
Mixed audience from across the country
March 2018

  • Osteopathy was interesting - not had much info about this before - really useful for referring
  • Identification and feeding techniques until division can take place
  • Encouraged that I know more than I realised!
  • I will share this info with the HV service
  • Assessment and pictures of degrees of tongue-tie
  • Cranial bones and impact of feeding was interesting
  • I have a much better understanding of Osteopathy
  • How important it is to look at the bigger picture
  • Osteopathy and correlation with and frenulotomy
  • I will now consider the full history to identify possible causes
  • Understand the importance of tongue function
  • Impact that cranial nerves play a massive role
  • Understand the correct way to asses for a tongue-tie
  • Really 'get' the importance of ongoing feeding support
  • I will now firm up my processes of consent to protect the practitioners
  • I enjoyed the professional discussions
  • Lots of information to take in
  • All relevant for my work
  • I will think carefully about the terminology I use
  • I have really gained an understanding as to what Osteopathy is and how it can help
  • I need to remember to look at the bigger picture
  • Good introduction to Osteopathy
  • Will search local Osteopathy services in my area
  • Lynn and MJ worked well together
  • All useful- I liked hearing about the correlation between tongue-tie and Osteopathy

Tongue-tie Awareness Session
Osteopaths and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
February 2018

  • Concise summary of baby presentation, observation and referral process
  • Understanding of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners
  • I now feel able to advise parents on who best to see for support/advice and treatment
  • I will take back to my workplace assessment, referral and aftercare information
  • I liked the different types of tongue-tie, assessment, signs of tongue-tie, normal function, referral processes, and breastfeeding positions
  • Understanding 'who is where' when directing mums to private practitioners
  • That the white line on the tongue may not be thrush!
  • It was good to talk with a private practitioner hearing how you assess
  • Understanding the 'science' behind tongue-tie
  • Some info was 'recapping' but that's not a bad thing importance of tongue function
  • I now understand that night feeds help prolactin production
  • Very well presented - easily delivered but with lots of research to back it up
  • I like the whole overview and details of breastfeeding techniques

Tongue-tie Awareness - half day
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
St Richards Hospital
Midwives and neonatal nurses who are either tongue-tie dividers or in training to divide. December 2017

  • Really good anatomical update on tongue function - some things I have never really known in 12 year
  • How important a total feeding assessment is - not just recognising a tongue-ties
  • I will not tell parents their baby has a tongue-tie but refer for a feeding assessment
  • I like the reading material provided
  • Great study day on assessment and division of tongue-tie
  • Helpful to identify the different types of tongue-tie and how to perform the procedure
  • I will be more thorough with my assessment of tongue-tie
  • Good update on the Baby Friendly Initiate
  • Liked to hear about all the assessment tools
  • A good comprehensive teaching day
  • Realise it's a feeding assessment not just a tongue-tie referral
  • Good use of photo's and mention of the needs of preterm babies
  • I am a visual learner - I liked the puppet
  • I liked the feeding mantra

Tongue-tie Awareness - 1 hour breakout session
Breastfeeding Network Annual Conference
Mixed audience
October 2017
The organisers evaluation reported that 79% of the 60+ attendees found the session very useful with 18% useful. The organisers said that 'a couple of people commented that it was the part of the day they enjoyed most.'

Enhanced Breastfeeding Training Day
Oxford Health Visiting Team
September 2016
Exerts from the organisers evaluation process:

Overall the evaluation was very positive with the invited speakers very much valued. Attendees found the information very useful and are looking forward to being able to put it into practice.

What did you like about the training day?

  • Very knowledgeable and experienced presenters, practical based information
  • Morning session was fantastic re tongue tie
  • Morning session from Lynn very interesting and informative - lots of important points for general practice
  • Very good informative information on tongue tie
  • Excellent presentation from improved knowledge and useful references.
  • Professional, informative, factual research based
  • The whole day has been really interesting and informative
  • Lynn Timms very informative and good speaker, good day in general
  • The knowledge of the facilitators and the skills and knowledge of those who attended
  • Very relevant and interesting
  • Relevance and professionals delivering variety of sessions
  • New info re recognition of tongue tie, excellent sharing of knowledge with the midwifery team
  • Lynn Timms sessions very informative and well delivered
  • Very interesting, did not know much about tongue tie, feel I have learnt a great deal

Tongue-tie Awareness Session
Southampton - August 2016

  • Informative - good diagrams and pictures
  • Liked the breastfeeding mechanics
  • Excellent talk - found the signs and symptoms of tongue tie really useful
  • Found the session really useful and it will help the understanding of tongue-tie for our patients

Association of Radical Midwives - National Meeting
Peterborough June 2016

  • The session was informative about diagnosis and exactly what the frenulotomy involves
  • Thank you so much - this was really interesting and has extended my knowledge
  • Helpful feeding positions for babies with tongue-tie
  • Will think about my local referral processes
  • Very useful to look at the healing process and what to expect afterwards
  • I will feedback to my colleagues in the workplace on the extra knowledge I have gained today
  • Love the puppet and tongue like visual aspect
  • Consolidated my knowledge, giving me confidence to support patents

Breastfeeding Network
Portsmouth - May 2015

  • It was all very informative and in an understandable format
  • The whole day was really interesting.
  • There were more signs and symptoms than I had previously been aware of
  • It was interesting to learn the link between tongue-tie and jaw development
  • Helpful to have the facts, figures and photos about tongue-tie
  • Easy to understand
  • Good to learn how we can support mums before and after referral
  • AS a newly qualified helper it was great to learn something new to me as well as recapping over recent training. It was a valuable learning session which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Lynn

The Association of Birth and Baby Professionals
London - April 2015

  • I have learnt so much today - it has been great
  • I have found out lots of information that I didn't know about tongue-tie
  • I now understand how a tongue-tie affects feeding
  • I am amazed at how much information you gave us
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my day of learning
  • Excellent content and a great presenter
  • Helpful to learn ways to increase milk supply especially about Power Pumping
  • Good to learn about post frenulotomy care
  • A good mix of physiology and practical was to help improve breastfeeding
  • I am now more confident in spotting a baby with a tongue-tie
  • All relevant to our jobs a maternity nurses and doulas
  • I liked the mother-centred approach

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