Important news from Lynn

In December 2021 I posted this message on my Breastfeeding Matters Facebook page and emailed fabulous colleagues with whom I have been working with over a number of years. In response, and totally unintentionally, I have received some lovely and humbling comments

I started my Breastfeeding Matters Business in 2006 and added tongue-tie release to infant feeding support for the Portsmouth and surrounding area from 2007.

As many of you know, I started offering my services as home visits and graduated to renting a room at Cosham Health Centre last year to manage the increased workload whilst continuing to provide a service for local families.

My circumstances have changed so that from 2022 I will not be taking on any new families privately. I am going to focus my energies on supporting other health professionals in maintaining their infant feeding knowledge, train others in the frenulotomy / tongue-tie release procedure and support in starting up in private practice.

If you are a family who I have recently been working with, then I do have the option to continue to support you via an ad hoc room rental arrangement with Cosham Health Centre or a Zoom consultation.

For new families sourcing feeding help possibly where your baby has a suspected tongue-tie then please access the following directories for other practitioners.

I will keep both my Facebook page and website up and running as I am still going to be active in supporting families - just in a different way.

Many thanks to over 2,000 families that I have had the privilege to support , best wishes to you all for the festive period and for a healthy and happy 2022.


Feedback from families and colleagues

Amazing to hear that you will be passing on your knowledge to other professionals and increasing the much needed support in the community!

Thank you for helping me in my journey and good luck for your next venture. Claire.

Good luck Lynn in your new venture. We can't thank you enough, so thankful to have found you and to have been able to breastfeed our little boy successfully and pain free and still going a year on! There’s no way I'd have been able to have continued without your help, knowledge and understanding. Thank you Hannah xx

Thank you Lynn for your help with both of our children in those early weeks of breastfeeding. Our daughter is now nearly 14 months and we're still going strong with breastfeeding thanks to your support with her tongue tie.

Good luck with your next steps and Merry Christmas. Sophie x

Fabulous to hear you'll continue to train others. Thanks for everything you do, and Merry Xmas Kathryn x

Good luck with your new ventures Lynn and thanks for supporting the families I have sent your way Victoria x

Thank you for the help you gave us with our first child, he is now 5 and has started school, but those precious months of feeding and bonding were so wonderful. He fed until 18 months when his sister came along and at the point I called you he was 7 weeks and I was at my wits end as it was so painful I thought I'd have to give up. Your help was invaluable Good luck for 2022 and beyond. Helen.

Such wonderful news that you're going onto supporting others in feeding and tongue-ties. Your knowledge and compassion was so very much appreciated in our family and it is really good to know you will be passing that onto others. Thank you, Lynn! Lizzie.

Thanks lynn for all the wonderful support you have given to families, you were the one that supported me actually 8 year's ago to nearly the day. Your support started my wonderful journey including going on to train to support other family's my self.

Thanks Lynn. Crystal xx

Oh Lynn! Hope all is well. You have been an invaluable support to families over the years. Vikki

Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with our daughter. Tania Xx

More feedback

Thank you for everything you have done to help with my daughter! I'm sad to think we can't have you if we have another and there's problems but the knowledge you will pass on is invaluable and such a wonderful thing your doing!

Sounds like you are creating more of you. Which is precious...thank you for serving our families....we have been a blessed community. Much love. Sinead x

I was going to say almost the same thing. Thank you, Lynn . Kimberley xx

Hi Lynn thank you for your email with news.
We will miss being able to refer to you for sound advice.
Thank you for all your support.
Hope to see you at LCGB conference in the future.
I hope your new venture goes well!
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Libby xxxx

And more

Thanks for letting me know Lynn. Sounds like good plans for the future. You will be sorely missed locally! Have a happy Christmas, Polly

Hi Lynn.
Thank you for update. What an amazing fabulous service you have given to all those mums and babies - you are brilliant - and so much appreciated by all of us.
I know that you stepping back will leave a gap of course but your continuing teaching and mentoring will be providing for the future.
I feel very lucky and privileged to have been able to be a friend of yours but to have so benefitted from your professional skills when you mentored me all those years ago.
The next generation are very fortunate to have you handing on skills and expertise.
Have a lovely Christmas and some r and r too. Look forward to seeing you in 2022. Love from Jane xxx

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