About homeopathy

For a parent or a parent-to-be, homeopathy offers two principal advantages. Firstly, because it is a natural system of healing using remedies sourced principally from plants and minerals, homeopathy is safe and gentle enough to be used by infants and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Secondly, because homeopathy works by stimulating the immune system to bring about healing, it strengthens immunity to prevent the recurrence of symptoms. Homeopathy works well alone or when used in conjunction or other complementary medicines, especially osteopathy.

Homeopathy for infants

Homeopathy is a great comfort to have at hand in easing a baby's transition from the womb to being fully in the world. It offers natural solutions to deal with such complications as birth trauma, colic, reflux, allergies, breast refusal, and much more. Homeopathy's holistic approach to good health means that healing encompasses the emotional aspects of the child, which at this delicate stage of life are so vital.

Homeopathy for parents to be and parents

Parents to be and parents find homeopathy invaluable in helping them cope with the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood. It is a natural solution for a range of ailments through pregnancy, birth and beyond such as morning sickness, anxiety and fears about birth and impending parenthood, mastitis, milk production, cracked nipples, sleep deprivation, general anxiety. It can often speed up the healing process of tears, episiotomies, stitches or prolapses after birth and also of colds, flu and so on, so parents are ill less often and for shorter periods of time, a lifesaver when looking after babies and children.

Homeopathy for frenulotomy

Homeopathy can help ease the worries and shock of a baby having a frenulotomy. Arnica can be given to the baby before and afterwards to ease the shock to the body, minimise bleeding and help the healing process. Aconite can be given to the baby after the procedure to help with any shock or fear they may have felt. It can also be taken by parents before, and possibly afterwards, to help ease any fears too. Parents can also take a remedy combination called AAA (triple A) before the procedure to help with any fear or anxiety they may be feeling about it.

You can download a leaflet here, Homeopathy for the tongue-tie procedure

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