* PLEASE NOTE, I am not taking on any new families into 2022.*

If you are a family who I have recently been working with, then please do contact me for ongoing support.

If you are making a new enquiry please access other practitioners from the
Association of Tongue-tie Practitioner website on http://www.tongue-tie.org.uk for tongue tie assessment / release
and / or
Lactation Consultants of Great Britain at https://lcgb.org/find-an-ibclc/ for breastfeeding support.


If you are a family that I have already supported then I have the option to book at room at Cosham Health Centre for a planned clinical consultation to discuss in person your ongoing feeding needs over a 1 - 1½ hour appointment.

Alternatively, a more economical option for you is to book a virtual consultation.

A 30-60 minute Zoom call can work very well as a follow-up consultation.

If either of these options appeal to you as a follow-up to our previous consultation in 2021 then please do not hesitate to contact me for a discussion.

I will not be taking on any new families privately. I am going to focus my energies on supporting other health professionals in maintaining their infant feeding knowledge ,train others in the frenulotomy / tongue-tie release procedure and support in starting up in private practice

Therefore, for new families sourcing feeding help possibly where your baby has a suspected tongue-tie then please access the following directories and links for other practitioners:-


tongue-tie releases at Cosham Health Centre, Portsmouth, Breastfeeding Matters


tongue-tie releases in Portsmouth, Breastfeeding Matters

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