I am always keen to receive feedback on the services I provide and welcome comments in person, by email or Facebook. Following a home visit I will be in contact with you to provide ongoing support and ask you how your baby and feeding are progressing which will be an opportunity to feedback to me.

Additionally, I will send you the link to my online surveys providing you with an anonymous and confidential means to provide me with your view on a number of aspects relating to our home visit when we divided your baby's tongue-tie. The first is a short survey of 14 questions which I will send a week after our appointment and the second is 6 questions after two months. I hope you will complete these as honestly as possible about your experience as this will help me to continue to improve the services I am able to offer.

Please see below some of the comments received.

However, whilst I strive to provide the best possible service for families, I do recognise that sometimes you may feel that I have not met your needs. Therefore,if you have any complaint or concern about the service you have received from me you are entitled to ask for an explanation. For more information on this please visit my Breastfeeding Matters Patient Complaint Information Leaflet.

A sample of anonymous feedback between April - December 2019

" Thank you so much Lynn. I was so close to giving up on breastfeeding and this has made breastfeeding a real enjoyable and bonding experience. (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" Lynn has been a massive support to me on my breastfeeding journey. Although it was unfortunately not meant to be, I felt Lynn supported me at every step in many ways. She was non-judgemental and professional but also very approachable and friendly which is a hard balance to strike. (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" Thank you so much for all your support, you have so much knowledge and experience and have been such a great help and support to me and my baby x . (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" Although unfortunately we discovered the tongue tie too late and our feeding has suffered as a result, the difference since has been incredible! The movement and shape is so different and she seems so much happier it's like she is a different baby! Can't thank Lynn enough just wish we had met her sooner. (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" Lynn was fantastic with both my son and daughter. Would always recommend her. "

" Very professional and friendly. Made a distressing experience as best as it could be! Would highly recommend. (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" [My baby] can't stop poking her tongue out now, thanks ;) (2-3 weeks post division 2019) "

" Lynn was marvellous and very informative about diagnosing the tongue tie and what options were available to us. The was absolutely no pressure to get the tongue tie cut and it was all explained clearly. Lynn was very professional but also with a caring manner. (2-4 months post division 2019) "

" I can't thank Lynn enough for all her help, just such a shame it wasn't discovered earlier and our breastfeeding journey ended so soon. (2-4 months post division 2019) "

" Brilliant support with both my boys for what was a very stressful time (poor weight gain with my eldest) My youngest, is now following the 75th centile and feeding beautifully (2-4 months post division 2019) "

" I wanted to email and thank you for the support you gave me during the last few weeks when dealing with all of our feeding woes. Your group was the most consistent and welcome support that I received and it made what was a really difficult time much easier to manage. Unfortunately, as you've probably guessed my baby never did master the latch and I decided to stop expressing last week and am exclusively formula feeding him now.

" Thank you again for your help and guidance. I am so so pleased resources like the service you offer are available in Portsmouth. You are a credit to your NHS background and I will 100% be using you as an example of how care should be carried out! "

For a fuller summary of my anonymous surveys please follow this link.

I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby's tongue tie divided via Southampton today, the health visitor happily referred after I saw you and the appointment came through very quickly.

I wanted to thank you for what you do in your group, your manner made me feel like I'm doing a good job despite feeling rubbish sometimes and your examination of Sophie gave me the confidence to pursue a referral when I had previously felt fobbed off by professionals as an 'anxious' mother!

The division has made an instant difference to her feeding, it all of a sudden doesn't hurt and she seems far more content. Thanks so much, I'm ever so grateful, had it not been for your group I may not have pursued my hunch about the tongue tie and now I think I will be able to feed my baby as long as she chooses. S with baby S June 2019

" Hi Lynn,
I just wanted to touch base to share our thanks for your care given to my wife and baby regarding his tongue tie.

He is 4 months old now and doing really well. As one would hope he is developing really well and we are seeing changes in him every day. Breastfeeding has been no problem and he is feeding really well and putting on a lot of chub!

The money spent on the frenulotomy was the best £130 I have spent, not only for the procedure, and how it has improved our wellbeing, but the support and counselling you gave us both which was second to none. After a traumatic birth experience, you made us both feel that as a family we were truly important to you and not just 'patients', something which was sadly lacking in a lot of the other healthcare professionals we have had dealings with.

With warmest regards, " Alex from Southampton September 2017

" Hi Lynn,

Many thanks for your email asking how we are all doing.

Feeding has been 110% better, the feed is only taking about half an hour to 40 minutes to complete (which is a massive improvement!)

Tianna-Marie isn't dribbling at all while feeding now which is making her a lot more settled during and after the feed as I think she is finally able to take the full feed and feel satisfied. Also the clicking noise seems to have disappeared too! There are a few occasions where Tianna-Marie will fuss a little bit at the beginning of the feed before she gets into it properly but like you have said I think this is just her adjusting to being able to move her tongue.

The wound itself seems to have healed really really well! We have the little white diamond shape still there however every day it seems to be getting smaller and smaller and there is no swelling around the wound which is also another good sign.

May I just end this with a massive massive thankyou!!!! to yourself. I honestly cannot express how much happier you have made myself and Tianna-Marie. Everything just seems to have sorted itself since having the division done. I honestly cannot thank you enough Lynn.

Also thankyou for explaining everything to me before, during and after the procedure and for making me feel at ease through a very hard, upsetting and frustrating time for both myself and Tianna-Marie, Also for making me feel very calm during the procedure and for not making me feel silly for my tears and my silly questions.

Once again thank you ever so much!!

Gemma from Waterlooville
August 2017 "

" Oliver has been doing very well since his frenulotomy procedure, he settled well that evening and hasn't really been too bothered by any pain he may be in - which is a blessing. His wound looks like it is healing well, it is exactly as you described - diamond shaped.

We would like to thank you for your very professionally performed services, which made us feel very comfortable with the procedure.
Many thanks. "

" Hi Lynn.
I met you last year when you came to my house on a weekend to cut my daughter, Isla's, tongue-tie. I just wanted to thank you again, she is nearly 11 months old and I am still breastfeeding with no problems! I don't know how much feedback you get but you really helped us and I thought you might like to know!

Thanks again Jenna X " /p>

" Dear Lynn
Many thanks for your advice on the telephone on Tuesday! As advised, i took my daughter to our hospital on Wednesday, and yes, she was tongue tied!!

Such a relief to find out there was a simple solution to an almost unbearable problem really appreciate your advice.

Can't believe 3 people told me she wasn't tongue tied when i asked them to check (including my GP on Monday) and you managed to diagnose the problem without even seeing us. Amazing!! I'll DEFINATELY come back to you if we have any other problems with the breast-feeding, and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone i know who are struggling with it.


Kylie "

Breastfeeding advise and support in Portsmouth and Hampshire. Lactation Consultant, Lynn Timms.

" Hi Lynn, Just thought I would send you a quick photo of James six months on. As you can see we have just started weaning him onto solids which he seems to be enjoying a great deal !

I just wanted to say thank you again for both helping with his tongue tie but also your advice on breast feeding. I have continued to bf him exclusively- until we started solids last week and will hopefully continue to feed him until he no longer needs it.

I'm so glad that I persevered, as its been a fantastic experience and as you can see he's thriving, so once again; thank you. Clair "

" Many, many thanks for all you did for Charlie last Sunday. You will be pleased to hear that all is healing well and Charlie doesn't seem to have suffered any side effects and wasn't grumpy at all.

The service you provided us with was excellent. Not only did we feel in very safe hands, but your calming nature made the whole experience a very pleasant one.
Thanks again - Jackie, Andy & baby Charlie - Isle of Wight "

" Thanks so much for coming and performing the frenulotomy procedure on Jacob - it's made a huge difference to feeding, his weight gain, and my comfort! We had a couple of days while he was healing where things looked a little uncomfortable with him, but quite quickly I noticed a big improvement in the shape of my nipples, and when he was weighed on the Tuesday following the procedure, he had put on 300g from the Saturday morning (prior to your visit) - this was a huge amount in a short space of time, and really showed me that he was feeding much more efficiently as he was generally feeding for a shorter period of time, but obviously getting maximum benefit! I also noticed that he was clearing all of my milk ducts during a feed, where previously there were some which remained hard, which I was having to massage to clear whilst he was feeding, prior to the procedure! My nipples remained to be sore/cracked for a few more days, but are now completely better :-) Also, within about a week of the tongue tie being cut, he started latching on really quickly, rather than the lengthy periods of fussing that I was experiencing.

I had him weighed this morning and he was 7lbs 13oz - last Friday, he had just returned to his birth weight of 6lbs 13oz, so he's really piling on the weight now! His jaundice is now completely cleared, and his poos are really yellow, so everything is working out really well - I was discharged from midwife care on Wednesday, which was a real relief too! His ulcer has also now completely healed up, and he's sticking his tongue out loads - I still love being able to see in!!

So all in all, Jonny and I are really glad we had it done, and are so grateful to you for being able to come out and perform the procedure so promptly - and we were really happy with the time that you were able to spend with us before and afterwards.

Many thanks and take care,"
Becky, Jonny and Jacob - November 2011 "

"Hi Lynn, I thought I should let you know that things are going very well now with regards to breastfeeding Louis. It is now completely painless and I only express for reasons of convenience. Thanks so much for performing the operation on Louis's tongue. I believe it made all the difference.
Kind regards, Zoe."

" An update on Ben...I cannot believe the difference in my baby! He has gone from a little boy who feeds, falls asleep on the breast, wakes up squawking for more, feeds, falls asleep etc to a little boy who feeds comfortably and at length, watches me while he feeds, comes off when he's done and then has a sit up and look around!

For the first time he is actually taking an interest in his surroundings and in us! Night time is so much easier with Ben feeding and sleeping so we are all getting more sleep.

Ben is now sticking his tongue out - though he gets annoyed when we tickle his lip.
We had our reservations about having the procedure done, but are so pleased that we did, just wish that we had sorted it out sooner.
Thank you so much." Nicky - April 2011

" As expected Harry did seem to be in discomfort the first evening, but calmed down and continued to do well through Weds / Thurs. Its difficult to get into his mouth, but I was determined to have a look this morning to provide you with an update.
On appearance it looks as if the tongue wound has healed well. I'm also pleased to say we have witnessed a little tongue popping out and moving forward as you advised. Harry's eyebrows kept raising up and down in the first few days, as if to say, look whats happening!!!!

We are pleased that we went ahead with the procedure, as Harry's feeding is a lot less messy and we feel we've nipped the problem in the bud, rather than incurring painful procedures when he is more aware later in life. We would also like to thank you for explaining the process and your kind manner whilst conducting the procedure.
Kind regards Sally & Steve"

" Thank you Lynn for all your wonderful support today. "

" I am so pleased that I contacted you to release her Tongue Tie, the breastfeeding feels so much better now. "

" Lynn, thank you so much for all your help this year. You've been a lifesaver! Your kindness and patience with my lists of questions has been very much appreciated as well as your expertise and knowledge. "

" The support and advise were invaluable in making me confident enough to successfully breastfeed.Thank you. "

" I would not have carried on breastfeeding without your help and ongoing interest "

" I wish I had contacted you before I had my baby. I would suggest to anybody who is thinking about breastfeeding to arrange a visit antenatally so that you can realistically prepare for those first few weeks. "

" I would also like to thank you for the Breastfeeding Q & A session you did for the yoga group. The feedback was very positive, everyone found it interesting and informative and some said that having met you they were much more likely to contact you if they needed support with feeding their baby. So all-in-all it was a success. "

"Thank you for visiting at the weekend, when both me and my partner could ask about the feeding."

" Hi Lynn, thought about you the other day as I was explaining to someone how you had changed our lives when Amelie was born, so I thought I would give you a further update.

Amelie is now nearly 6 months old and is being weaned now she loves her food and eats with relish, not sure she would have been able to as easily with the tongue tie intact. She is such a joy and I know that what you did for her was the best thing ever.
Thanks again so much. "

" Thank you again so so much for coming over so quickly and for doing the procedure, it really has made such a difference, it was lovely to meet you and maybe we will see you next time you are over on the Island, lots of love, Ps I passed on your details to one of the midwives who I'm sure is going to contact you and is very interested in your work. "

" seeing definite improvement in his latch/suck - less dribbling He has taken two 'breastfeeds' of 2oz with the SNS so far - minimal difficulty getting him to latch on "

" We would like to thank you for explaining the process and your kind manner whilst conducting the procedure. "

" Hi Lynn, It was a pleasure to meet you too and thank you very much for visiting us so quickly and releasing her tongue tie. We found our discussions with you extremely helpful and are glad that we went through with the procedure. "

" I just did a local home visit and heard some fabulous positive feedback from the parents about the help you recently gave them. I thought I'd let you know how very warmly they felt towards you :-) "
From an NCT BF Counsellor

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