Telephone: 07851 069146
This is a confidential phone line, please leave a message, clearly stating

  • your name
  • age of your baby
  • where you live
  • nature of your feeding issue
  • contact telephone number

I will contact you as soon as I can.

In order to confirm a booking for a home visit I will need you to complete a booking from electronically and email back to me at for me to be able to look in my diary for availability.

If your baby is bottle feeding.
Booking Form.doc
Booking Form.pdf

If your baby is breastfeeding.
Booking Form.doc
Booking Form.pdf

Please bear in mind that when you ring I am possibly with another client and therefore unable to break off to answer your call immediately. However I will of course return your call as soon as I am available, thank you for your understanding.


Feedback: I welcome your feedback on the services I offer.

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