Benefits of baby massage.

Setting some uninterrupted time aside for a baby massage can add many benefits to your day.

The session will be relaxing for you and your baby and will help reduce your stress hormones (cortisol) which will help to increase endorphins and the release of oxytocin for both of you. Oxytocin is the hormone of love, lust and lactation which can only help with your bonding, getting to know your baby whilst helping your baby feel safe and comforted. Oxytocin is also good for your milk supply and sleep!

Massage techniques can assist with feeding, digestion, developmental processes and breathing. It can help regulate temperature and heart rate; assist with recovery from illnesses and minor ailments.

Like talking, singing, rocking and kissing, baby massage is an important interaction involving eye contact and encouraging your baby to learn turn- taking skills essential for communication and speech development.

As you develop your skills and confidence you and your baby can continue this wonderful experience into childhood and beyond

Baby massage course with Lynn.

My course is best delivered over a three week period from when your baby is at least eight weeks old. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. In current times with Covid-19 restrictions, I am able to offer this service.

  • In the home setting if all parents / adults present adhere to current government guidelines in terms of lateral flow testing and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) / mask wearing.
  • As a Zoom session in a one to one consultation or as a shared group experience.

All sessions will include:

  • pre-course information provided before the course start date to ensure you
    • have completed the health questionnaire and consent
    • are aware of the required equipment
    • have tested your chosen massage oil on your baby's skin
  • introduction and recap on previous weeks
  • techniques in baby massage with you practicing on your baby whilst Lynn demonstrates the skills with her doll focussing on
    • legs and feet
    • chest and stomach
    • arms and hands
    • back and buttocks
    • management of minor ailments
  • discussions on the benefit of techniques used
  • post massage discussion of any feeding and parenting issues
  • electronic hand outs of all techniques used in each session


Home based sessions. The total cost for the three sessions in your home is £150 with travel included for homes within Portsmouth city. Outside of Portsmouth a mileage cost of a £1 per mile will be added.

Virtual Zoom sessions. The total cost for the three sessions of the one to one course is a reduced price of £125 as no travel time is incurred.

Why not share the experience with friends and family and their babies as this will split the cost and you can learn and have fun together.

Indian Head Massage for you.

If you fancy treating yourself to an Indian Head Massage after your home baby massage session just let me know. If you can organise for a friend or relative to look after your baby for 45 minutes you can benefit from a head, neck, shoulder and upper back treatment in your own home (£30)

To book.

If you (literally) want to learn hands on skills for you and your baby then please contact me to book your course.
Telephone: 07851 069146

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