Having performed the frenulotomy procedure in my private practice since 2007, under the guidance of the Southampton Tongue-tie Service, I have completed the Train-The-Trainer course for teaching other Health Professionals to perform frenulotomy in infants.

This training will be available to regulated health professionals who have undergone a theoretical tongue-tie course and have an interest and in-depth knowledge of infant feeding. If no such course has been undertaken then I will offer my 4 hour Tongue-tie Awareness Session-Identification Referral and Support as the first day of training. This can be provided bespoke to the needs of the trainee and Trust and be conducted via Zoom.

An NHS contract will need to be arranged for me so the practical training can be provided for you over a number of weeks within your NHS setting until you are competent to practice on your own. The training will include:-

  • Discussions about the role
  • Observing me conducting clinical and feeding assessments, frenulotomy, associated conversations with parents and record keeping
  • You conducting all the above under my supervision with ongoing discussions and learning opportunities

At the end of your training you will:-

  • Demonstrate knowledge of local and national policies and guidance to support your practice.
  • Show an understanding of local arrangements for referral into your service, preparation of your clinical room and equipment.
  • Have demonstrated a number of skills and attained a level of knowledge related to infant feeding assessments, tongue-tie and functional assessment and release.
  • Be confident in your communications with parents about your history taking, assessment, discussing your findings and consent.
  • Understand the risks and benefit of the procedure, discuss with parents and take action as needed.
  • Be aware of your scope of practice, be able to recognise your limitations and when to refer.
  • Demonstrate competence in using aseptic non-touch (ANTT) technique in conducting the frenulotomy procedure.
  • Understand the role of others helping you during the consultation and procedure
  • Identify the immediate necessary action on a post procedural bleed.
  • Be able to demonstrate feeding support after the procedure and provide anticipatory aftercare to support improved tongue function and infant feeding.
  • Be competent and confident in your skills as a tongue-tie practitioner having been 'signed-off' all relevant competencies and completed a Trainee's Log for each frenulotomy performed.
  • Have an understanding on the importance of maintaining skills, personal accountability, competency and record keeping.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of local evaluation and audit processes and own role within to monitor effectiveness of the service.

Be provided with:-

  • Your certificate.
  • Your signed competences.
  • Mechanisms and further information to support your ongoing practice.

From £500 per day (from £600 for NHS services) excluding travel and overnight accommodation.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please do contact me for a further and personalised conversation about costs, contracts and availability.

Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance is provided by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd.

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