Megan Bish Hypnobirthing Portsmouth and Southsea Hypnobirthing is full birth education and preparation.

A completely evidence and science based approach; covering all topics of birth from places to birth, types of birth and pain relief to your rights within the maternity system and how to navigate it.

We also address how our exposure of birth affects our subconscious mind and therefore mindset, and how that fear can negatively impact our experience of birth. So we focus on changing the mindset, and moving from a place of fear, to one of excitement and empowerment.

Hypnobirthing gives the tools to change the mindset, cope with the unexpected and prepare for any birth outcome.

Hypnobirthing is appropriate for any birth, and can support you in any outcome, helping yours and your birth partners experience be positive however it unfolds.

I offer private courses, either at your own home or on zoom in an hour consultation . I also run workshops every couple of months, centred on different aspects of birth.

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